Ledyard Plan

Our unique banking relationship program that entitles members to a full range of no-fee benefits. To qualify, just maintain balances in related personal household accounts (including CDs and IRAs) of at least $7,500, have a funded account with Ledyard Financial Advisors, or maintain a $50,000 outstanding balance on a home equity loan or line of credit.


The Ledyard Plan includes the following benefits:

  • FREE GenGold® membership, including Identity Theft Protection & Security Center *
  • FREE Ledyard Link
  • FREE basic checks (safety paper)
  • FREE traveler’s checks, cashier’s checks, money orders and certified checks
  • FREE from monthly service charges on your checking, NOW and savings accounts
  • Higher rates on Certificates of Deposit
  • Complimentary review of investments by Ledyard Financial Advisors
  • $200 reduction in closing costs on mortgages
  • 0.5% discount on installment loans (with auto deduction from your Ledyard account)
  • FREE from our service charges for using another financial institution’s ATM (Note-there may be a charge imposed by the other financial institution)
  • FREE interbank transfers


* You must activate the Identity Theft Restoration Coverage to be covered