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Introducing KwikNet Consumer Interbank Transfers

Dec 3, 2010 - 

Now it's easier than ever to transfer money between your Ledyard account and accounts at other financial institutions.

This service is available for individual clients (personal accounts) to subscribe to within Ledyard National Bank’s KwikNet online banking system. It enables personal subscribers to initiate deposits and/or withdrawals between their Ledyard banking accounts and accounts at other financial institutions (FIs) in which they have the authority to conduct such transactions.*
Transfers may be made from or to Ledyard National Bank checking or savings accounts, but not loans or certificates of deposit (CDs).
Transfers also may be made to or from checking accounts at other FIs, and possibly savings accounts. Subscribers will need to check with the other FI to ensure that Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions are allowed to savings accounts, as some FIs do not allow this. Transfers to or from loans or CDs are not supported. 
*During initial setup, a process called “Micro Deposit” verifies account ownership at the other FI by creating two random deposits in amounts under $1.00 to the other FI that must be confirmed by the subscriber to complete the enrollment.
Clients using this service must have established account relationships with the Bank and be subscribed to KwikNet.   Micro Deposits are limited to accounts at other financial institutions held in the client’s name or where the client is an authorized signatory on the account.
The external account(s) must either be owned by the client, or be one on which they are an authorized signer. The external banking account must also be located in the United States (an ABA routing number is required for the service).
This service is available for personal accounts only. Businesses wishing to set their accounts up for ACH services use a separate, more traditional ACH facility. Please contact us for more details.


  • Transfers out of Ledyard to other FIs - $3.00 per transfer
  • Transfers from other FIs into Ledyard – Free

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Figure out what your monthly
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