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The Ledyard Live Well Walking Challenge Concludes With More Than A Trip Around The World For Four Local Companies

Nov 3, 2015 - 
Ledyard National Bank, along with Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, Hypertherm, and King Arthur Flour, kicked off the Ledyard Live Well Walking Challenge on September 14th, which ran through October 11th. The Ledyard Live Well Walking Challenge was created by Ledyard National Bank in an effort to involve the community in a “healthy competition” while taking steps to become a Fit Friendly Organization as recognized by the American Heart Association. 
President and CEO, Kathy Underwood said “It is our goal to have the Ledyard Live Well Walking Challenge become an annual event, and each year have it grow to involve more businesses who want to promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy work environment to their employees”. With the final stats tallied, the 308 participants together walked an astonishing 74,143,179 steps, equal to one and a half times around the earth, burned 3,336,443 calories and lost 953 pounds. Although the teams were not even in terms of the number of participants, the steps per company were averaged so it was an even playing field. Hypertherm came out on top, followed by King Arthur Flour, Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital and Ledyard.
Ledyard’s goal was to make the participants aware of how many steps they were taking in a day; so the participants were encouraged to wear their pedometers all day whether actively exercising or not. The feedback from the companies involved showed the impact this challenge had on the daily lives of their employees and the overall comradery felt throughout the participating organizations. “I have seen so many more employees walking during lunch including myself!” said Shana Fowler, the Employee Health and Safety Specialist with Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, a sentiment that was further echoed by Patti Friedman, Wellness Program Manager for Hypertherm, “The number of steps walked by the four businesses is quite impressive and we should be proud of all the accomplishments experienced during the four weeks. This event encouraged some of our associates to start or get back into a walking program. I’m sure we all have stories we could share to celebrate the Ledyard Walking Challenge but we wouldn’t have them to tell if you hadn’t held this event!”
The Ledyard Live Well Walking Challenge will continue next year, and plans to involve more local companies. If you are interested in learning more about how your company can become involved, please contact Alanna Mayer at

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