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Q:What is Internet Banking?
A: Internet Banking is a tool that allows you to use a personal computer with an Internet connection to conduct your banking online. We also refer to this as "online banking" and "KwikNET Online Banking."

Q:How much does KwikNET cost?
A: There is no charge for basic internet banking features. Other fee based services may also be offered, but you will be able to accept or decline those services.

Q:What can I do with Internet Banking?
A: You can view account balances and transaction history, transfer money, download transactions to a personal financial manager and much more. Check out the Internet Banking Demo to see all the features of Internet Banking and how you can personalize your online banking experience.

Q:Is any of my personal information stored in the Internet Banking product?
A: Yes, the Internet Banking product stores your User ID, password, and account information.

Q:How current is my banking information?
A: Your account information is updated as transactions occur, whether at a Bank teller, an ATM, an online debit card transaction, or via KwikTel or KwikNet.

Q:What accounts will I be able to access through Internet Banking?
A:You can access your Ledyard National Bank checking, savings, money market, Certificates of Deposit, IRAs and loan accounts from KwikNET. Our Internet Banking Product is intended to give you as much access, security, and versatility as possible.

Q:How much account information can I view?
A: Your account history will accumulate up to a maximum of eighteen months, after which the oldest transactions will begin to drop off.

Q:Can I view my account details in more than one way?
A: Yes, you can view your accounts by date, check number, payee, or amount in ascending or descending order.

Q:What formats can I download my transaction history in?
A:Internet Banking supports downloads to Quicken, QuickBooks or a comma-delimited text file.

Q:Can I schedule future transfers?
A: Yes, you may schedule future and recurring transfers.

Q:Can I view images of my checks on-line?
A: Yes. By clicking on the magnifying glass icon next to a check, an image of both the front and back of your check will appear. If some of your payees have truncated your check (sending it through as an ACH or Point of Sale debit), no image will be presented to you. You will receive the message, IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE if you click on one of those check numbers.

Q:Can I view images of my deposit slips on-line?
A: Yes, by clicking on the magnifying glass icon next to a deposit, you will be able to view the associated deposit slip.

Q:How long can I be inactive before being logged out of the Internet Banking product?
A: The inactivity time-out is set for 20 minutes.

Q:What is required to use the Internet Banking service?
A: All you need to use Internet Banking is a secure browser that supports 128 bit encryption, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer® or Firefox. You can use any computer that has Internet access. On a Macintosh computer, Firefox is the preferred browser, although Safari also works.

Access to KwikNET requires 128-bit encryption for security purposes. To see if you have it, open your browser. In Windows, you can determine the version by clicking on Help>About... On a Macintosh, click on the Apple icon, then click About... Either should show you what browser version you are running, including the encryption level.

Q:How do you upgrade your browser and/or encryption level?
A: To upgrade your browser and/or your encryption level, please visit the appropriate Web Site for your preferred browser. Follow the instructions provided on the appropriate screen to upgrade your browser, as needed, and/or download the necessary 128-bit encryption.

Q:Do I have to use any specific Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
A: KwikNET can be accessed via any ISP; however, if you use America OnLine (AOL), please note that it has not been certified with KwikNet, and some issues may exist.

Q:How do I access Internet Banking?
A: You must first complete the enrollment process by clicking on Enroll Now on our Home Page. Once activated, we will e-mail an acknowledgement to you, and you may then log in with the credentials you selected during enrollment.

Q:Can I create my own password that is easy for me to remember?
A: Yes, you select your Login ID and Password during the enrollment process. You may also change them under Security at any time you wish after logging in. We highly recommend what is termed a strong password, meaning a combination of at least eight characters, including upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols.

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