KwikNET Troubleshooting

Registering Your Computer

If you are being asked to re-register your computer frequently please make sure that you:
  • have the latest version of Adobe FlashPlayer installed on your computer. If you do not, you can download it at
  • have the correct settings enabled in your internet options (accept all cookies/always allow both and
  • are not using ‘In Private Browsing’
  • you do not have ‘Delete Browsing History on Exit’ or anything similar to that checked in your  internet settings


If you click on the Billpay link and are directed back to the main page or a page displaying something other than your Billpay information please make sure that you:
  • have the correct settings enabled in your internet options (accept all cookies/always allow both and
If, when signing up for BillPay, you notice your information is all correct except for your Date of Birth please either:
  • use the drop down to correct your Date of Birth or
  • accept the information and then notify your local branch that your D.O.B. is incorrect in BillPay


If you submitted an online transfer and notice that it hasn’t posted you should:
  • log into KwikNet and click on the ‘Online Activity’ link. Make sure the transfer says Processed. If it says its Processed contact your local branch for further research. If the transfer is in Drafted status you can Approve if it is for the current date. If it was for a previous date you will have to Cancel it and create a new transfer.

Changing Addresses, Phone Numbers, E-Mails Addresses Etc

Once logged into KwikNet, you are able to change/add/delete any of your addresses, email addresses or phone numbers.  The "General" e-mail address can be changed by going to Preferences > User on the menu bar at the left of the KwikNet Overview page.  This only changes your information within KwikNet and you should fill out and submit the Change of Address form located under the Services > Other Services > Change of Address if you want the addresses changed on your accounts with the bank.

You can also change the "Secure Delivery" targets.  To do so, you would go to Preferences > Security and select the "Secure Delivery" tab.  There you may add/change/delete "targets" to which you would want Secure Access Codes delivered.  This may include telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and mobile phones. 

For your further information, please note there is also a "Challenge Code" tab under Security Preferences, where a code word may be input for use INSTEAD of a Secure Access Code.  This can be useful if you are not at a telephone or e-mail address where you can receive a Secure Access Code, but need access. The Challenge Code lets you in once, but you cannot "register" a computer for ongoing use that way.